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Joyful Jobs is a recruiting agency that provides fast, flexible, and affordable talent acquisition services catered to small and medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Are you a small business owner who doesn't have time to create job ads and wade through resumes? Does your nonprofit team struggle with effective interviews and selecting the BEST candidate, or maybe you're not all aligned in what you're looking for? Have you used the phrase, "It's a really unique company/position"? Are you confused by the constant shifts in the labor market or feel you're simply not attracting the right types of candidates? We can help!

Business Meeting

Our entire process and business model is crafted uniquely for SMBs and nonprofit organizations (and their budgets). We understand that many of our clients are running lean, and we want to support that while still providing quality services. 

Joyful Jobs is truly a recruiting partner, handling all sourcing, screening, and administrative tasks related to hiring. In order to keep our model sustainable, all direct hire services follow a retained model, and in return we will screen any candidates sourced by your company’s efforts as well as our own. 

What’s Included & What To Expect

As a part of our direct hire services, Joyful Jobs will start with an intake session to discuss your needs for the position, interview process, and more. During this time we will take as long as you need to understand your company, process, timeline, and ideal candidate. We will come prepared with suggestions, but are happy to be flexible with your existing processes.

Once the intake meeting is complete, Joyful Jobs will advertise the job and source candidates on your behalf. We utilize many traditional as well as creative sourcing strategies to ensure our candidate pool includes the absolute best. We conduct thorough phone screens on qualified candidates, and promptly share top candidates with you. Depending on your preference, we can either coordinate your interviews with selected candidates or simply facilitate an introduction.

We ask that you return the favor by providing timely feedback on candidates shared with you. This allows us to work at maximum efficiency and pivot our search tactics as needed to satisfactorily fill your vacancy. Once a candidate is selected, you will complete your typical offer and onboarding process.

Other Services

We are happy to provide custom proposals for other talent-related needs, including but not limited to:

  • Consulting on recruitment and "strategic HR" (organizational development) programs to retain and grow your existing team

  • HRIS/ATS selection and implementation

  • Building an internal recruiting department (reporting structure, hiring/onboarding SOPS, etc)

  • Fractional CHRO services (part-time help managing your internal HR/recruiting team)

Our Clients

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