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How to Make a Bad Hire

Looking to create a workplace sitcom? Here's how to make a BAD hire!

  1. Write a job description, but leave a bunch of things off or include things that aren't exactly true.

  2. Make all of your interviews super casual, like you're having coffee with a friend, and see where the conversation takes you. Who needs to know work history?

  3. Ignore any red flags. They mentioned they left their last three jobs for "drama in the workplace"? It's definitely not their fault that no one liked them.

  4. Skip reference checks altogether. References? What references? Trust your gut (or a coin toss) instead.

  5. Fall in love with the first charismatic candidate. Forget about skills and experience. Hire them on the spot for "culture fit" and hope for the best.

By following these tips, you're guaranteed to make a bad hire (or several)!

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