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Reflecting on our journey as we look forward to an exciting year of growth

As we look forward to an exciting year of growth, it’s important to not lose sight of where we’ve come from. Reflecting on our journey thus far inspires us to continue making an impact alongside our incredible partners!

With 48+ happy clients, 70+ positions filled, and a diverse portfolio spanning 15+ client industries, our commitment to growing cohesive communities of employees within small businesses and nonprofits has never been stronger.

Our success isn't just measured in placements; it's seen in the transformative roles we've filled. From dynamic Marketing Coordinators to visionary Chief Operating Officers, we've been privileged to contribute to the growth of organizations. Crucial leaders like Directors of Finance, IT System Administrators, Project Managers, and Fundraising/Development Managers have been hand-picked for our clients through our tailored recruitment process.

We've embraced the unique challenges of diverse industries, including Nonprofit (Foundation, Social Services, Conservation, Immigration, Community Engagement), Education, SaaS, and even Roofing & Siding. Our expertise extends across sectors and all over the United States, yet we always ensure that every client receives a personalized approach to talent acquisition.

And let's not forget the fuel behind our hustle - 912+ cups of coffee! Because every partnership starts with a conversation, and what better way to initiate one than over a cup of coffee?

Ready to take your team to the next level? Let's continue the conversation. Reach out today, and let's explore how we can shape the future together. 🚀☕

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