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Your company is a community...

Emily and clients
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...where people work together to accomplish common goals.

People in a COHESIVE community enjoy spending time together and are able to ACHIEVE more.

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Let's work together to create a cohesive community

of employees for your business.  

Your bottom line will reflect our success.


Emily Chavez got her start in recruiting in 2016, with a fast-growing local charter school hiring several hundred teachers per year (no easy feat in Arizona!). This experience taught her how to think outside the box with innovative solutions and a "never say never" approach.


Fast forward five years to July 2021, when hiring challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation were at their peak - Emily had a 6-month old daughter motivating her to make a career change, and knew the lack of affordable recruitment services for small businesses and nonprofits. With a supportive husband keeping their family afloat, Emily had the exciting opportunity to put her entrepreneurship degree to use, and launched Joyful Jobs!

Almost two years later, we have helped over 30 deserving nonprofits and small businesses fill over 50 positions with stellar employees. We hope you will join us on our journey as we continue to help grow cohesive communities!

Emily Chavez and daughter


“Emily has been truly amazing finding a wide variety of technical, sales and service talent in a mid-sized market for our smaller sized firm. Her ability to understand our needs first, then finding great candidates and only presenting immediately hirable people has saved us time and resources and kept us growing. No other recruiter has even come close.

-Charlie H., CEO

“We had a great experience with Joyful Jobs. They were intentional in learning about our organization and culture so that their recruitment efforts could be customized to our needs, and were relentless in finding top quality candidates for our open positions. We will be using them again and highly recommend them to others.”

-Ed S., nonprofit Executive Director

“Our first experience working with Emily and Joyful Jobs was outstanding. Emily was very easy to communicate with and she was always timely with answering our questions, reaching out to prospective candidates, and setting up interviews. We'll be sure to work with her again!

-Luke S., nonprofit hiring manager

“Emily was wonderful to work with on our recent hire. She was responsive, honest and provided input as needed. She recruited high quality candidates for us to interview. I highly recommend Joyful Jobs for your hiring needs.”

-Mindy G., nonprofit Executive Director

Staffing our open position with Joyful Jobs was an absolute treat. Emily took great care of us the whole time, was very responsive to our needs, and communicated perfectly throughout.”

-Ethan M., nonprofit Director

“Emily is the consummate professional with a heart of gold. She and I connected (obviously) over job opportunities and she was responsive and transparent. Then she shined once more when I had a friend who needed help. She was a well of knowledge for this employer and helped shed a bright light in the “employment abyss”. She was willing to jump in whatever the capacity. I appreciate her recruiting prowess and her passion to help others.

-Cassandra C., job seeker


“Emily is amazing to work with. While working with her I never had to worry about her returning a phone call, or getting an answer on a question. While this might seem trivial, wait till you work with some other company and are fumbling around, not getting answers, being treated badly, or flat out lied to. Then you will appreciate the difference between Emily at Joyful Jobs and everyone else.”

-David R., job seeker

Loved working with Joyful Jobs! They were able to connect me to a role that is perfect for me.”

-Anna Q., job seeker



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My name is Emily Chavez, and I am the Founder and CEO of Joyful Jobs.

I dreamed about being a business owner for years, and obtained a dual degree in Business Management & Entrepreneurship  at the University of Arizona. In July 2021, I was blessed to make my goal a reality with the launch of Joyful Jobs - and I have loved just about every minute of it!













Emily Chavez and family

Joyful Jobs is my baby, but my family is my top priority. My faith and treating everyone with kindness and respect are integrated in everything I do.

Personally, in my limited free time, I enjoy horseback riding, skiing, traveling, wine tasting, camping, reading, time with friends and family, and playing basketball, softball, and volleyball.

I am a connector and would love to help you in any way, whether it is your hiring or job search needs, a referral to other trusted professionals in varying industries from my large network, or simply an exploratory meeting or listening ear!



Joyful Jobs is a recruiting agency that provides fast, flexible, and affordable talent acquisition services catered to small and medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Are you a small business owner who doesn't have time to create job ads and wade through resumes? Does your nonprofit team struggle with effective interviews and selecting the BEST candidate, or maybe you're not all aligned in what you're looking for? Have you used the phrase, "It's a really unique company/position"? Are you confused by the constant shifts in the labor market or feel you're simply not attracting the right types of candidates? We can help!


Our entire process and business model is crafted uniquely for SMBs and nonprofit organizations (and their budgets). We understand that many of our clients are running lean, and we want to support that while still providing quality services. 

Joyful Jobs is truly a recruiting partner, handling all sourcing, screening, and administrative tasks related to hiring. In order to keep our model sustainable, all direct hire services follow a retained model, and in return we will screen any candidates sourced by your company’s efforts as well as our own. 

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What’s Included & What To Expect

As a part of our direct hire services, Joyful Jobs will start with an intake session to discuss your needs for the position, interview process, and more. During this time we will take as long as you need to understand your company, process, timeline, and ideal candidate. We will come prepared with suggestions, but are happy to be flexible with your existing processes.

Once the intake meeting is complete, Joyful Jobs will advertise the job and source candidates on your behalf. We utilize many traditional as well as creative sourcing strategies to ensure our candidate pool includes the absolute best. We conduct thorough phone screens on qualified candidates, and promptly share top candidates with you. Depending on your preference, we can either coordinate your interviews with selected candidates or simply facilitate an introduction.

We ask that you return the favor by providing timely feedback on candidates shared with you. This allows us to work at maximum efficiency and pivot our search tactics as needed to satisfactorily fill your vacancy. Once a candidate is selected, you will complete your typical offer and onboarding process.

Other Services

We are happy to provide custom proposals for other talent-related needs, including but not limited to:

  • Consulting on recruitment and "strategic HR" (organizational development) programs to retain and grow your existing team

  • HRIS/ATS selection and implementation

  • Building an internal recruiting department (reporting structure, hiring/onboarding SOPS, etc)

  • Fractional CHRO services (part-time help managing your internal HR/recruiting team)

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We welcome you to contact us for recruiting needs, your own job search, or simply networking!

Mailing address:

7959 N Thornydale Rd

PO Box 89638

Tucson, AZ 85752

Business hours:

Monday-Friday 9 AM-4 PM AZ MST

Weekends/alternative times available by request

Emily Chavez, Founder/CEO:

Call/text: 520-230-5925

Book a meeting with me below

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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